Criminal Justice Reform Through The Arts Campaign

It's time. Time to advocate for criminal justice reform in our community. Open Door Tea Shop and Denver Arts & Skills Center is launching a criminal justice reform through the arts campaign: Resilience Art Therapy Program. A 10-week trauma informed art therapy program using the creative process of making art to improve formerly incarcerated adult's physical, mental and emotional health.

The majority of the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated either suffer from severe PTSD from trauma or a mental health disorder. The prisons are releasing these people into society with very little money and often no support system into: extremely low-quality treatment programs, privately funded and for-profit halfway houses. 

These people have served their time and paid their consequences. What the formerly incarcerated need equally, if not more to a job and affordable housing, is healing.

Please help up raise $20,000.00 for our criminal justice reform campaign to increase the formerly incarcerated access to art therapy.